Abound Chunky Knit Blanket

Abound Chunky Knit Blanket: The Coziest Valentine’s Gift for Your Loved One

With Valentine’s Day, and even Mother’s Day, right around the corner, it’s never too early to start planning what you want to gift your loved one this year. With that in mind, wouldn’t it be great to give them something that reminds them how special they are and how much they evoke a feeling of warmth and joy in your heart?

Consider Abound Chunky Knit Blankets.

What is it about these bulky, soft covers that spark so much excitement and joy? These Scandinavian-inspired plush blankets are so versatile you can use them on your couch or bed or as a luxury décor accessory laid out for all to see.

Incredibly soft and comfy, these hand-knit blankets are woven with 100% mill-dyed chenille, which is a great alternative to Merino wool, a natural fiber grown and harvested from Merino sheep. This means each Abound Chunky Knit Blanket is made of a cruelty-free and vegan material.

Not only is chenille buttery-smooth and gentle to the touch, but also this vegan material is hypoallergenic and machine-washable. So taking care of this plush blanket is easy-peasy!

Available in six colors, including navy, light purple grey, slate grey, beige, white, and yellow, you can snuggle up in style and comfort and bring a sophisticated touch into your bedroom or living room space!

The best thing about Abound Chunky Knit Blankets is that they offer several health benefits over traditional blankets, which make them the perfect gift for the season.

These blankets are naturally heavier than their traditional counterparts. As such, according to research, the added weight of these blankets creates a physical connection that triggers the brain to release feel-good chemicals that could help you relax, feel less anxious, and sleep better. The concept is no different from the good feeling you get from deep pressure therapy, namely, stress reduction, sound sleep, and a general boost in happiness.

The key is getting this perfect blanket for you and your loved ones!

Abound Lifestyle’s blankets are as beautiful to behold as they are practical to use.  Equally stunning spread out on the bed or simply draped on the couch, the myriad of available colors should make it easy enough for you to find the one that suits your mood and your style. This all but ensures the feel-good feeling that people like you have come to expect from using one of Abound Lifestyle’s Chunky Knit Blankets.

So don’t hesitate. Get an Abound Chunky Knit Blanket for that special someone. Heck, why not get one for yourself and experience the luxuriously plush and unbelievably cozy feel of these wonderful creations. Not only do these blankets offer you the aforementioned benefits, but also you get to experience these in an ultra-soft and comfy chenille texture that only Abound Lifestyle’s Chunky Knit Blankets can provide.

So what is more comfortable than a chunky knit blanket? An Abound Chunky Knit Blanket of course!