Reasons Why You’ll Squeal for Chunky Chenille

Jan 15, 2021

Reasons Why You’ll Squeal for Chunky Chenille

Chunky knit blankets never fail to generate that “wow” factor, whether as a unique gift or a stylish statement piece.

However, like all kinds of home décor products, knit blankets are made of different materials, two of the most popular being Merino wool and chenille.

Although Merino wool is an incredibly amazing material, you might want to take a second look at why chenille is just as desirable.
Here are the top reasons why you definitely need to squeal for chenille.
1. Safe for kids and pets. Care required for chunky knitted products is extremely different especially for those who have children and pets—who love to snuggle in a warm knit blanket—at home.

Children and pets love to snuggle in a warm knit blanket—at home.

Unlike Merino, chunky knit blankets made of chenille will not show wear and tear.

Plus they’ll stay perfectly soft and fluffy, without losing any of the material’s elasticity.
2. Hypoallergenic. Another wonderful quality of chenille is it’s perfectly suited for those who are allergic to traditional wool (i.e., Merino), since it’s made out of a synthetic material, making it durable and washable.
3. Light and airy. For those who have tried using Merino wool, you know that Merino is a really heavy material. A chunky knit blanket made of chenille yarn is more ideal if you’re on the move because it is light.
Whether you’re going camping or cozying up in the patio or on the porch, you can just as easily bring your blanket as you go. A chenille blanket would feel like a summer spread.
4. It is vegan. Chenille is vegan safe. It’s made of synthetic fibers or cotton, so rest assured no sheep were harmed during the making of our chunky knit blanket.
So whether you’re going vegan or you are allergic to natural wool, then chenille is the best alternative to Merino.
5. Washable. As amazing as Merino wool is, one of its biggest drawbacks is the difficulty in washing it. Seriously, it’s not for the faint of heart. Chenille throw blankets can be easily hand-washed or thrown into the washing machine.
Since chenille is 100% polyester, any dirt, dust, or any spillage will easily wash away. Plus, there’s no shedding, piling, but just pure joy, warmth, and softness!
There you have it! Chenille chunky knit blankets are not just throws. So refresh your space and add sophistication and luxury to your space.
Grab one of our luxurious, vegan Chunky Knit Blanket made of chenille yarn. The collection is available now!

Written by Angie G.

Angie is an online freelancer who enjoys devouring fictional novels in her spare time while also volunteering to foster abandoned puppies and kittens, despite her hectic schedule. Additionally, she is a strong advocate and supporter of the animal rescue center in her locality. She believes all lives are precious.

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