Reasons Why You’ll Squeal for Chunky Chenille

Chunky knit blankets never fail to generate that “wow” factor, whether as a unique gift or a stylish statement piece. However, like all kinds of home décor products, knit blankets are made of different materials, two of the most popular being Merino wool and chenille. (Click to read more)

How to Make Your Bedroom Dreamier
with Boho Style

Spring heralds not only the arrival of budding flowers and lush greenery, but also this season opens doors for spring cleaning. Yes, it’s time to bring out your creative juices and time to spruce up your home!

What better way to welcome the glorious sunshine and warmer weather than a laid-back, relaxing, dreamy boho-themed bedroom? (Click to read more)

Home Decor Tips to Freshen Up
Your Bedroom for Spring

Pretty, simple, and practical tips for the season of renewal

Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to spruce up your bedroom and put the winter blahs behind to welcome the season of renewal.

We’ve laid out a number of practical and simple tips for this season’s bedroom makeover project that you could finish without breaking the bank. (Click to read more)

Concha, Pan Dulce Mexicano:
A Statement Pillow to Sweeten Your Home

Just like how a piece of art creates an eye-catching statement on your wall, a unique stuffed decorative throw pillow adds personality and character to your chair, bed, or sofa.

Available in every shape, size, color, texture, and design, throw pillows also serve as conversation pieces when you entertain friends, family members, or guests. (Click to read more)

Soft, Realistic Succulent Pillows
You’d Be Tempted to Water

If you love succulent plants, then there’s no such thing as having too many at home. There’s always room for one more, or two, in your living room, kitchen, home office, or your kid’s room.  

How about throwing in a soft, realistic succulent pillow?

(Click to read more)

5 Advantages a Round Rattan Tray
That You Need to Know

Sure we’ve seen natural textures such as rattan in both bleached and unbleached tones trending on social media, and we definitely love how they add an effortless chic bohemian look to your space.

But what if you’re not yet ready to commit to a full-on bohemian décor? Then say hello to Abound Lifestyle Round Rattan Tray.

(Click to read more)

5 Reasons Why You Need Outdoor Pillows
to Complete Your Summer Outdoor Decorating

Summer is here, and this means you need to get your back patio ready for the warm months to come.

For those who love updating the look of their outdoor space, there’s no need to go overboard, or over budget, right? If you’re short on space, you can create an extension of your living room outdoors by utilizing an outdoor sofa and chairs including all accessories needed.

(Click to read more)

Top 8 Surprisingly Awesome Reasons
to Get an Unstuffed Pouf Ottoman

Don’t you just wish that sometimes you have that extra space or container for stuff you have lying around? Check out this ingenious piece of storage that is as attractive as it is functional.  

An unstuffed pouf ottoman fits the bill perfectly if you are looking for that storage space that doesn’t really occupy unnecessary space.

(Click to read more)

Why You Need a Microfiber Beach Towel This Summer

However you spend your summer this year—soaking up the sun at the beach, lazing by the pool or lake, or simply lounging in a chair with an outdoor pillow in the backyard—just be sure to stay dry and comfortable with the right beach towel of course!

We all don’t want to have sandy, wet beach towels or towels that are too small for us to fit in. In fact, the quality of our beach towels, and by extension the beach bags, could make or break our summer getaway.

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Bath Rug or Bathmat: Which One Should You Get?

Did you know that bath rugs and bath mats were not created equal? Don’t fret. Most people don’t. It probably never crossed your mind that there's a difference between the two.

However, when choosing the right décor for your bathroom, it could be useful to know the difference between a bathmat and a bath rug. These two must-haves have different functional and aesthetic purposes.

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Why Scented Bubble Candles Are the Perfect Gift Idea

The perfect gift for someone special is always an elusive thing. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort and resources just to nail it. Don’t you wish there was some go-to gift that fits the “perfect” bill for practically anyone?

Consider the bubble candle as one such gift. These simple yet versatile items are well liked as gifts due to their uniqueness and of course overall usefulness. (Click to read more)