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"I love this blanket! It's soft and plump, which makes it comfortable to lay/sit on top of. At the same time, it's lightweight and breathable, which makes it nice to wrap around your body while watching tv or reading on the sofa. I bought the beige one, and it looks great on my bed. The blanket gives my room a cozy and homely look. I have a queen-size bed for those of you wondering. The product was also packaged well. The blanket came with a pouch, so it would make a great gift!"

Diane Van

Chunky Knit Blanket


"My 12 year old asked for the pillow and she loves how soft and fluffy it is."

Deneda Lewis

Succulent Pillow


"Concha Bread is so good you that you have to have it guarded at all times because everyone wants to eat it. :P"

Rey Reiger

Concha Pillow