Winter Decorating Guide: Stay Cozy in Style

Updating your home for the winter season should not be a really daunting task. In fact, one of the easiest and least expensive ways to spruce up your space is by adding some seasonal accents that are both practical and trendy.

So add warmth and style to your space with these winter decorating ideas.

The colder months are upon us, and this means less time spent outdoors. So what’s the next best thing?

Hibernating indoors of course! But in style.

So where to start creating your own warm, plush space to escape the chilly outdoors?

Bring florals and evergreen indoors

What better way to add color indoors during the winter season than by bringing in florals and some green! Yes, we love the winter wonderland theme, but we also need some color here and there.

If you can’t find fresh flowers this time of year, faux flowers is a good way to go. They don’t ask for too much attention. You can still keep the wintery theme by sticking to faux colors of white and deep burgundy or crimson.

If you want more than faux flowers, you can’t go wrong with succulent pillows too! These plush pillows are big enough to cuddle with during the cold nights or lay your head on for a quick nap during the afternoons.

They are available in 4 colors and 1 stunning detailed anthurium pillow. These pillows are also the perfect gift for plant lovers who simply want to cuddle their own succulents.

Seasonal accents

Another greenery you could add during the winter season are some wreaths and garlands added to your Christmas décor and dressed up with some string lights. Throw in some pinecones, bare branches, or dried leaves too.

With seasonal accents, express your creativity here. What better way to spend quality time indoors than decorating your home with your family!

Lots of candles and the mantel

This is the ideal time for you to take notice of your mantel, which most likely saw the year with the same look and feel. Firstly, coordinate the whole look of your space with how you want the mantel to look.

A wooden tray or, say, our rattan tray could be a really chic base for your theme. You can incorporate some neutral elements to channel in the seasonal change such as pinecones or birch wood or any outdoor materials. A twiggy garland also adds some texture to this ensemble along with some berries and greenery.

And then add candles! Yes, this is the perfect time to say, “There’s no such thing as too many candles.” Opt for candles of varying heights, designs, and shapes, like our scented bubble candles. You can also try those on candlesticks and hurricane lanterns too.

Then don’t forget to add a bronze or gold decorative ornament to pick up the flickering flames from the candles and radiate it throughout the room, giving that much-needed cozy ambience.  

Textiles and texture

Warm up your space with some cozy textiles, like a chunky knit blanket and some throw pillows. In fact, these products are at the top of the list when it comes to cozy winter home essentials.

So it’s safe to assume you have a closetful of these. If not, you can always check out our growing collection of super soft and warm chunky knit blankets and wide range of throw pillows.

By mixing and matching different throws pillows, you can easily build comforting layers for your bedroom, living room, or sitting room. Opt for the softest materials to create a cozy display and a welcoming space for your family or guests. You can hand-pick throws with patterns, like our striped lumbar pillow set, or choose some with silken or velvet designs.

When it comes to throw blankets, you can drape them at the foot of the bed over the couch, providing a comforting, reassuring sight to your guests that warmth and comfort is an arm’s reach away.  

An extra seat or two

Of course, when hosting dinner parties for your closest kin, you’ll want to make sure everyone is comfy and has a place to sit. But if you’re short on that or have a limited space, grab a pouf ottoman.

Not only can you use this to store unused seasonal items, but also this can double as an extra seat or make-shift coffee table for when you want to snuggle on the couch with a hot cocoa and some holiday treats.

And we have the ideal pouf ottoman for you!  

How you want to embrace the season depends upon you, whether you want your home decorating project to be as complex or as simple as adding a throw and some candles. Consider these simple tips and create your own winter-proof cozy cocoon to hibernate during the cold months ahead.